Waterworks District 18

Established on August 17, 1956, Fresno County Waterworks District #18 today services approximately 134 residential, commercial and industrial customers in the rural community of Friant in Fresno County. Water is obtained from Millerton Lake via a contract with the United States Bureau of Reclamation. The water allotment is 150 acre-feet. A polymer (Sweetwater 8809) is added to the water, pressure filtered, post-chlorinated and distributed to the community via a closed pipe system. The treated water is pumped into the clearwell tank and then pumped into the 325,000-gallon storage tank. The system has several pumps of different velocities, which feed the Bureau of Reclamation, Millerton State Park and California Department of Forestry Fire Station. There is one pressure-reducing device located on Parker Avenue near Friant Road, so that water pressure in all Friant locations is equal. The District financed the system through the California Department of Water Resources and with careful planning, diligence on the parts of the Board of Directors and the citizens of Friant, that loan has been paid. There continues to be a small assessment to each property owner for the Operations and Maintenance fund. The District holds regular meetings (opened to the public) once a month on the last Tuesday of the month. The District currently enjoys a positive reputation in the viewpoint of its customers. At present there are no approved capital improvement projects, however, the District is on a list with the State of California for grants to build a wastewater treatment plant. The Environmental Impact Report has been done and certified for the treatment plant and the District is waiting for funding. The District recently upgraded some of its water lines and plant facilities with the aid of a grant from Indian Gaming money.

A five-member Board of Directors runs the District. The Fresno County Board of Supervisors appoints the members of the Board of Directors. The Board contracts with Management Services for the billing and financials of the District. The District's legal services are contracted with the law firm of Costanzo and associates. The District employs Borchardt, Corona and Faeth Accountancy Corporation to audit the books annually. Monthly reports are given to the auditors from Management Services. The District contracts with Giersch and Associates, Inc. to do the engineering and they advise the District in all manners concerning water treatment and they also recommend changes, updates and assist the District in applications to the State of California and the Federal Government for grants and loans.

Friant, the first county seat of Fresno County, is situated at the base of Friant Dam and Millerton Lake. A small community of approximately 800 people, Friant offers a wide range of housing, Clovis Unified Schools, close to shopping centers and excellent health care facilities located in Fresno. Institutions of higher education offering two and four year degrees are Fresno City College and California State University at Fresno. Recreational opportunities are abundant in the area. Water sports of all types can be found at Millerton Lake. Fishing for trout and bass are available in the San Joaquin River. Shaver Lake, Huntington Lake, Sierra Summit and the scenic mountains of the Sierra Mountain Range are all within a one-hour drive.


Board of Directors

Billy Newman

Jim Carlton

Keith Gaynor
Kent Burkhart
Richard Wilson


Dan Pearce

Darlene Storm